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Terms and Conditions

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Property Rights

Any website created by Kennis Limited as part of a KitSites agreement is the property of Kennis Limited.

By "website" is meant the HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP "code" which a browser uses to display text and images on a screen.  For these purposes the term also includes the navigation links between the pages and anything in the footers.

A KitSites website must be hosted on an Internet server supported by Kennis.  No-one has a right to copy one of our websites to anywhere else under any circumstances.

All text and images provided by the Client for inclusion on any of our websites remain the property of and responsibility of the Client or of their respective owners.  Such text and images is collectively known as "content" and is referred to here as such.

By "text" we mean the words provided by the Client, even if amended by Kennis to improve readability in some way, such as correcting spelling and grammar.

By "images" we mean the images and illustrations provided by the Client, even if amended by Kennis to improve usability, such as with cropping and colour enhancement.

Kennis Limited does not share responsible in any way for what is contained in the text and images "content" put onto a KitSites website.  All such responsibility remains with the Client who provided the "content".  Changes made by Kennis to improve text and images do not infer that we approve of or endorse them in any way, or share their ownership in any way.

Identification of Clients

Kennis will not allow its Clients to be anonymous.  Clients must supply a valid personal, company, or organisation name.  This will be displayed on the Legal page of the website as being who is responsible for supplying the text and images "content".

A valid postal address is required for inclusion on the website.  An email address is not sufficient.  This is so that the Client's customers can use the website to get in touch directly with the Client.  Kennis has no intention of fielding complaints from disgruntled customers.

Limitations on Client Content

Kennis builds and rents out websites to its Clients.  Kennis cares about each Client's future, because that Client's future is our future.  Each website we create therefore aims to convert visitors into Customers for the Client.

What does NOT go on your website

After a Google search, visitors first take a brief look at all the websites which look promising to see which are relevant.  If your website is unpleasant then it ends up well down - or off - their list of websites to return to for a detailed look.  This is bad for business.  One of our professional skills is to know which things are unpleasant for the many types of visitor.

Please Note: It is impossible to make a website into some kind of "happy place".  "Pleasant" is the best anyone can do.  You can however make it an unpleasant place by including text which is difficult to read, or by using strident or unpleasant mixes of colours, or by automatically supplying music.

If a Client wants something that we know will irritate or offend some visitors then we will refuse to include it.  We look after our Clients by protecting them from making mistakes.

This applies to both the initial creation of a website and before a contract is signed, and to proposed changes after a contract has started.  Kennis will not allow its Clients to include mistakes in what is put onto their website.  "The customer is NOT always right".

What DOES go on your website

The Client must supply sufficient information about their business for Kennis to be able to complete all the pages.  An "incomplete" website, one with missing pages, looks very bad for business and will not be published on the Internet.

Some things must be included, such as contact methods and stating which parts of New Zealand the business serves.  Some things are purely optional, such as an image of the staff.

We will explain clearly what and why things are necessary or optional.

Paying for a KitSites Website


The initial payment for setting up the website, plus the first month's advance rental, must be received and cleared before we will make the website "fully active" on the Internet.

"Fully active" means that the website can be accessed using the Client's domain name or agreed sub-domain name, and that we have informed the leading search engines of its existence so that they can visit it and include it in their search results.

Initial payment can be made by direct transfer into the bank account of Kennis Ltd (preferred), or by cheque which will require waiting until it is cleared.

Rental for the website should be made via an automatic payment from the Client's bank account to our bank account quoting the reference code we supply.  We will not accept a payment method which requires undue effort, or attracts bank charges.

Period and Frequency

Our rental rates are stated as a calendar monthly amount, to be paid in advance.  Payments may also be made quarterly, half-yearly or annually, but they must always be in advance.

There are no discounts when payments are for periods greater than monthly.  For example, an annual rate will be exactly twelve times the monthly rate.  The advantage to the Client will be in reduced bank charges, or arranging a payment to occur in a more advantageous tax period.


Our prices include GST.  A tax invoice will be issued for the initial setup of the website.  A tax statement for rental payments which have been received will be sent annually unless another arrangement is agreed to.

Invoices and statements will be sent by email if an email address is provided for that purpose, or will be posted to the official contact address.


Prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).  Payments must be received in NZD, and must not be liable to bank charges.

Duration of the Contract

The website will be hosted (displayed on the Internet) for the duration of the contract, which is normally taken to terminate only when the Client notifies Kennis Limited that it is no longer required.

If the Client becomes seriously behind in agreed payments then, after a reasonable period of trying to obtain the owed monies, the website will be removed because the contract will be deemed to have been terminated by the Client.

Updating the Website

New Websites

Kennis Limited aims to have a new website built within a week of receiving all the Client's text and images but that cannot be guaranteed.  If delays are anticipated we will inform the Client of them as far ahead in time as we can.

If a new website is urgent then the Client must state so.

Note: Building new websites will be done on a "first come, first served" basis.  Clients who convince us of any urgency involved in getting their website done may however be given priority over others.

Note: Routine updates to existing websites take priority over working on creating new websites.  No work will be done on new websites until we have completed the latest updates to existing Clients' "content".

Existing Websites

Kennis Limited aims to update a Client's website on the day that any changes are received or the one after.  We will do our best to achieve that target, but if very many updates arrive on a particular day then there will be delays.  By "day" is meant a working day, which excludes public holidays.

If an update is urgent then the Client must state so.

Note: Updates to "content" will be done on a "first come, first served" basis.  Clients who convince us of any urgency involved in getting their updates done may however be given priority over others.

Updating "Events"

Updating of the Events pages will take place on a Monday, unless there is a public holiday on that day, when it will be the next working day.  The Wellington Anniversary Day counts as a public holiday.

Note: Time spent updating Events has precedence over all other work, and will inevitably cause delays to other work.

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