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KitSites™ makes mobile websites for small businesses and non-profits, for a very low rental price.

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A website for any organisation is a real necessity for advertising these days.  Printed adverts and word-of-mouth are not enough.

KitSites websites make you look good on smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs.  Visitors will find your website easy to use, whatever they are using.

A KitSites website is created for you with minimal expense and trouble.

To be found, you need a mobile website

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Our mobile websites are Google-approved as 'mobile-friendly'.
This is what Google's testing website said about this page

(What Google said about this page.)

Important: In April 2015 Google changed the rules for listings on smartphones.  From now on 'mobile-friendly' webpages will be displayed on smartphones first, then the rest.  See NZ Herald article.

If you don't have a website which they consider to be 'mobile-friendly' then smartphone users won't see it.

You already have a website but it isn't 'mobile-friendly'?
Ask us to make you a 'companion' mobile website, one whose pages point to those of your main website.

 See our Prices on the "Our Websites" page.

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What we do

KitSites websites are designed for small businesses and other small organisations which cannot afford the usual big up-front cost.

A KitSites rental website means you do not have to spend lots to have a website any more.

Don't BUY your website, RENT IT !

See the Our Websites page for samples of what we can do, and how low our prices are.  Then Contact Us to start creating your new website.


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