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Mobile Websites for small businesses


A website for any organisation is a real necessity for advertising these days.  Printed adverts and word-of-mouth are not enough.

KitSites websites make you look good on smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs.  Visitors will find your website easy to use, whatever they are using.

A KitSites website is created for you with minimal expense and trouble.

To be found, you need a mobile website
Our Mobile home page.  Click on Mobile (above-left) to see it.

Google said: Awesome!
This page is mobile-friendly.

Our mobile websites are Google-approved as 'mobile-friendly'.

Important: In April 2015 Google changed the rules for listings on smartphones.  From now on 'mobile-friendly' webpages will be displayed on smartphones first, then the rest. 

If you don't have a website which they consider to be 'mobile-friendly' then smartphone users won't see it.

To see the smartphone (mobile) version of any webpage on this website click on its 'Mobile' button, below the headers on the left.

You already have a website but it isn't 'mobile-friendly'?
Ask us to make you a 'companion' mobile website, one whose pages point to those of your main website.

We make websites for very small businesses

Our target market is very small businesses, from 1-15 employees.  We also make websites for churches and not-for-profit groups.  In all cases we create a good-looking website which advertises your activities clearly.

We do not make websites which include e-commerce (shopping baskets where objects are ordered and paid for).  However, if you sell a small number of products then we can supply an 'Orders' page for customers to fill in, which you will receive by email as a properly laid out order form.

Our websites fit all screen sizes

The size of the screen displaying your website can vary from that of a tiny phone to the TV in your living room.  Technically, they are divided into two types — the size that sits in your hand and the size that sits on a desktop.

We make websites for both types — mobile and desktop.

We make fully functional websites

Cheap 3-page and 5-page websites exist, but that normally isn't enough space to advertise your activities clearly enough.  You need a Home, About Us, Contact Us, Products or Services, probably a Photo Gallery, Terms & Conditions, and Legal page.  You may also need FAQ, Events, News, and Links pages.  You also need 'Site search'.

We supply all the pages you need.  We do not charge by the page.

We make sure your customers understand what you do

Writing text for web pages isn't as easy as people think.  This is advertising, and what you think is clear and inviting may not appear that way to others.  We will rewrite your text, or write it all for you, so that your webpages show customers what you can do for them, and your listing on Google will look attractive to potential customers.

Presenting your business properly is just part of the service.

We charge you a low fixed price for your website

A website that you buy will cost you $5,000+, because they make much of it by hand, and they have to live off the one payment they receive from you.

A website that you rent from us will cost you $300-$400, because we make it at a loss and recoup that loss from the rental that we charge.  Rental charges are normally $30-$40 per month.

We charge a low monthly rental, small changes free

If you buy a website from a website maker you must also pay a third company $10+ per month to have it displayed on the Internet.  If you want small changes made (such as the dates for your annual holiday break each year) you must hope that the website maker is still in business, and accept that you can be charged $100+ per hour.

If you rent a website from us we normally charge $30-$40 rental per month, and we display it on the Internet at no extra cost.  If you want small changes made you simply email them to us and we make them for free.  If you want larger changes then we will make a quote for them, and we charge a lot less than $100 per hour.

We make your website quickly

With your text and images, and our pre-made website parts, our computer is able to assemble your website quickly, just like a kitset building.

You can have your website on the Internet in days.

We are friendly and talk normally

We are friendly, small-business people, and want a long-term business relationship with our clients.  We like talking to our clients.  We like clients who ask questions, and we like solving clients' problems.

We are not geeks.  We think that geeks are strange.  We are fairly ordinary people with unusual skills.  So there will be no 'tech talk'.

We will learn about what you do using words that you understand.  Some jargon will have to be mentioned, but it will be explained and we will be keeping that to the absolute minimum.  We need to understand what you do.  You don't need to understand all that we do.

KitSites websites are designed for small businesses and other small organisations which cannot afford the usual big up-front cost.

A KitSites rental website means you do not have to spend lots to have a website any more.

Don't BUY your website, RENT IT !

See the page for samples of what we can do, and how low our prices are.  Then to start creating your new website.


This is a KitSites™ Website.
Everything you see here can be included in your website.

Websites so good, we use one ourselves!
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The cheapest full-size websites in NZ

Website Rental Features

• Fast Service

We can have a website up and running in a few days.

• Staff that care about your success

Our income is the rental from your website, so your success is our success.

• Personal Service

Changes are usually free.  To update your website you just tell us what you want.

• All the website features except e-commerce

Lots of different pages are available (around 20), including Events, Photo galleries, Newsletters, and FAQ.  'Site search' is included, and visitors can both see and download PDFs.

• We can easily replace your existing website

If you want to replace your current website we will take the good parts from the current one, and build a new one with improved text and images.

• It all happens here!

We live in New Zealand so there is easy access to us, and as the websites we create are stored in Auckland there is fast access for your visitors.

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